The Drowning Tide (Blair Dubh Series #2) Heather Atkinson


Published: January 5th 2015



The Drowning Tide (Blair Dubh Series #2)  by  Heather Atkinson

The Drowning Tide (Blair Dubh Series #2) by Heather Atkinson
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Part two of the Blair Dubh Trilogy.While Glasgow is in the grip of a relentless heatwave a riot breaks out in its toughest prison. Amid the chaos and carnage John Docherty, one of the most violent and reviled prisoners, manages to escape. After years of dreaming up the worst tortures his twisted mind can concoct he is now free to carry them out on the people he holds responsible for destroying his life.

At the top of that list is Freya Donaldson.Craig and Freya have been happily married for two years, the trauma of The Elemental murders firmly behind them in the wake of their new life together. Between the devastating news that they may never have their longed-for baby and the ceaseless harassment from Craigs insane ex-girlfriend, they decide to take a cruise down the west coast of Scotland to get away from it all.Unforeseen circumstances force them to stop at Blair Dubh, the village where they both grew up and the scene of The Elemental Murders.

Unknown to them they are being stalked through the village, those with malevolent intentions determined to destroy their idyllic new life.When first their boat then the graves of Freyas parents are vandalised they realise someone wants to hurt them. As the attacks on her increase in ferocity, Freya fears this time she wont be so lucky and shell end up in the Blair Dubh graveyard, the scene of so many of her nightmares, buried alongside the victims of the two killers she managed to escape. Evil has returned to Blair Dubh and its determined to consume her.Contains strong language and scenes of violence.

Please note, this is not a stand-alone novel but the second part of a series.

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