Cloud Wanderer: A Peripatetic Quest to Live the Life I Imagined Tor Torkildson


Published: May 27th 2015

Kindle Edition

344 pages


Cloud Wanderer: A Peripatetic Quest to Live the Life I Imagined  by  Tor Torkildson

Cloud Wanderer: A Peripatetic Quest to Live the Life I Imagined by Tor Torkildson
May 27th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 344 pages | ISBN: | 8.15 Mb

Cloud Wanderer is the travel memoir of Tor Torkildsons peripatetic quest to live the life he had always imagined. Inspired by a new love in his life, magical journeys to Shambala-like valleys in the Himalaya and the endless horizon of the Sahara, Torkildson takes the reader on a madcapper expedition of hope and excursion into the soul. When Torkildson isnt snorking around the mountain ranges of the world you will find him plotting his next far flung adventure, reading and writing, and drifting about like a Cloud Wanderer.Tor Torkildson has written a delightful and engaging account of his wanderings through clouds perched firmly on the peaks and valleys of mountain ranges around the world.

Built on the foundation of an underlying spiritual quest, the stories of his adventures resonate with earthiness and humor. Never pious nor cloying, Cloud Wanderer is infused with a boisterous sense of a life lived in high spirits, both physical and spiritual.Edwin Bernbaum, Author, Sacred Mountains of the World and the Way to ShambhalaTor -- Like so many today -- instinctively senses something amiss in this modern, hectic and distracted world of neon and comfort. Which ultimately consigns him to the life of a searcher- his journeys a spirited pursuit of meaning and mountains, happiness and love.

While the travels related is this book are plentiful and varied, what gives the memoir its real magic is precisely that search, the ever-roving eye -- at times frantic and impatient, at times calm and meditative - always seeking to make sense of this journey we all share, called life.Bruce Kirby, Author, Sand Dance, By Camel Across Arabia’s Great Southern Desert“Cloud Wanderer” is a wild and rollicking ride.

Torkildson is equally comfortable swilling beer and thumping to an oompapa band in the fairy-tale world of the Bavarian Alps as he is sipping butter tea amidst the droning chants of a Tibetan monastery. He can hold his own drinking Irish whiskey in a throbbing Dublin bar and he knows how to lose himself in an operatic aria and a fine Tuscan vino tinto.

But “Cloud Wanderer” is not all about hedonistic pleasure. Torkildson never loses perspective of the search for his own personal way, and in the process, he creates a life full to the brim and a very compelling read.Bernadette McDonald, author of Freedom Climbers

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