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Inferno & From an Occult Diary  by  August Strindberg

Inferno & From an Occult Diary by August Strindberg
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Am I veer glad I read the introduction to this book before I got into the text. Otherwise I would have declared Strindberg an absolute nut case! But, as the intro mentioned, he was depressed, with with chemicals (trying to create gold - the old alchemists goal), drinking heavily and mostly absinth (which at that time contained chemicals that have been taken out for todays product), deep in debt, had two failed marriages, AND was a fiction writer.

The last makes a lot of difference in the reading.The translator shows several extracts from the diary that Strindberg used to create Inferno and its extremely obvious that the writer in him took precedence over the realist. Most of the original entries have been emotionally inflated or even rewritten to sound more serious than they really were. So things werent nearly as bad as Strindberg makes them in Inferno.Nevertheless, the guy sounds crazy. Even more so in From an Occult Diary in which he obsesses over his last wife and their breakup.

He thinks that he connects with her through thoughts and that she visits him every night in that form (after, of course, she was living elsewhere). When she marries again, he refuses to allow her to come to him for eros because that would be adultry. You really have to read this to believe it.So unless you are a Strindberg fan, dont bother. I liked it for the insight it gave me into his work.

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