Cowboy Come Home / Randall Pride (Brides for Brothers, #5&6) Judy Christenberry

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251 pages


Cowboy Come Home / Randall Pride (Brides for Brothers, #5&6)  by  Judy Christenberry

Cowboy Come Home / Randall Pride (Brides for Brothers, #5&6) by Judy Christenberry
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Judy Russell Christenberry was born in Dallas, Texas, USA, where she raised in a family of four children with a stay-at-home mom who was a terrific cook and an excellent teacher, where family tradition was concerned. As a child, Judy was surrounded by animals. Her father raised a few head of cattle to keep meat on the table. At one time or another, there were sheep, Thanksgiving turkeys, ducks and dogs, and there were always chickens.Judy learned the importance of family at an early age.

But, Judiths marriage ended in divorce. Yet, with support from her mother and siblings, she and her two daughters discovered their own definition of family. The family comes in all shapes and flavors. Whats important isnt the two parents and the 2.5 children, its love and support. She raised her children, taught during the day, wrote at night, and pursued her dream.Judy, hasnt always been a writer, but shes always been a dreamer. As a child, for entertainment while doing chores, she told herself stories-she was always the heroine. However, she didnt start writing until she turned thirty-eight, just one year after her fathers unexpected death.

After this, she realized life promised no guarantees about how much time you have. Why wait to pursue your dreams? She had begun reading Harlequin Romance novels about ten years earlier, so romance writing came naturally. She signs her novels as Judy Christenberry, Judith Christenberry and Judith Stafford.Over time, Judy realized two central themes dominating her writing: family and small town/country life. Many of her books have cowboy heroes, partly because she read all Zane Greys romantic versions of the Old West as a teenager, and partly because her parents grew up on farms.

The last element that frequently appears in Judys stories is a dash of humor, just enough to bring a smile to your face. She believes laughter is good medicine and it definitely makes a six-foot hunk even more attractive!Now, with her daughters pursuing their own dreams, Judy writes full-time and is wrapped up in her storytelling.

She lives each new adventure with the vigor of a young girl, still dreaming up tales while washing dishes. She hopes to entertain her readers as much as she entertains herself!

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