Handbook of the Canadian Rockies Ben Gadd


Published: 1987


876 pages


Handbook of the Canadian Rockies  by  Ben Gadd

Handbook of the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd
1987 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 876 pages | ISBN: | 10.34 Mb

The problem with being a naturalist is you end up carrying a small library on your back as you walk over rough country swatting bugs. Youd really like to lighten your pack. Gadd had the idea of taking all the birds, fish, mammals, flowers, trees and mosquitoes of the region he lives in and putting them all in one guide book and leaving out all the stuff that lives somewhere else.

That drops the weight of your pack by about 10 pounds. In a region where you can easily(?) do a couple of thousand feet of elevation gain in a day of hiking, its a great idea. The book is worth it for that.But more than that he does a wonderful thing. Western Canada is built on one of the biggest stacks of sedimentary rock in the world, about 15 kilometers. After that was piled up it started crashing into things and bending and folding and eroding and sliding over top of itself, creating the Canadian Rockies.

Gadd travelled the region, photographing and drawing schematics of mountain sides and road cuts- he shows you how all that time has been stacked up, all those hundreds of millions of years and how it has been shuffled.

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