Justice and the Human Genome Project Timothy F. Murphy

ISBN: 9780520083639

Published: July 22nd 1994


178 pages


Justice and the Human Genome Project  by  Timothy F. Murphy

Justice and the Human Genome Project by Timothy F. Murphy
July 22nd 1994 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 178 pages | ISBN: 9780520083639 | 4.46 Mb

The Human Genome Project is an expensive, ambitious, and controversial attempt to locate and map every one of the approximately 100,000 genes in the human body. If it works, and we are able, for instance, to identify markers for genetic diseases long before they develop, who will have the right to obtain such information? What will be the consequences for health care, health insurance, employability, and research priorities?

And, more broadly, how will attitudes toward human differences be affected, morally and socially, by the setting of a genetic standard?The compatibility of individual rights and genetic fairness is challenged by the technological possibilities of the future, making it difficult to create an agenda for a just genetics. Beginning with an account of the utopian dreams and authoritarian tendencies of historical eugenics movements, this books nine essays probe the potential social uses and abuses of detailed genetic information.

Lucid and wide-ranging, these contributions will provoke discussion among bioethicists, legal scholars, and policy makers.

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